Anybody who has ever cleaned out a garage, or worked on a construction site, or relocated office buildings has probably wondered where to get rid of junk generated by these circumstances. 411-Junk is South Florida’s solution to the often-asked question of how to get rid of old furniture, building debris, and other trash.

Where We Are

We offer professional junk removal services for Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. As a full-service junk and trash removal and bulk waste pickup business, we are a fully licensed and insured company catering to residential and commercial clients. Whether it is general trash, unwanted appliances and electronics, demolition debris, organic yard waste, or garage and office clean-outs, we will help you dispose of it in a timely and efficient manner.

Who Needs Us

Some projects are simply too big to handle on your own. You could put yourself in danger trying to clear debris or you could spend hours going back and forth to the city dump with your one pickup truck. Instead of getting an inevitable headache, call 411-Junk and we’ll send one of the trucks from our hauling fleet to help you clean up as soon as possible. Most of the time, we’re able to perform same-day removal services, so give us a call and we’ll work around your schedule.

We cater to construction companies, offices undergoing redecorating or renovations, and private citizens who have too much on their hands and need a little help. We’re happy to assist you with everything from furniture haul-away, warehouse cleanouts, industrial cleanouts, home cleanouts, and even single-item pickup. No job is too big – or too little for that matter.

Socially Responsible

We as a company are committed to being as green and socially and environmentally friendly as possible. We recycle and donate as much of the junk we haul away that we can because we care about our community and always want to give back. Upon removal, 411-Junk will donate any salvageable appliances, electronics, or other usable goods that are still in good working shape, while recycling the remaining items that no longer serve a purpose. It’s our mission to conduct our job in a way that promotes green living and keeps our environment happy and healthy.

Call Or Click Today!

To get started on your cleanup project, call 411-Junk. As the gold standard of junk removal companies, we want to save your business or home while also saving the planet. Stay organized and stay clean by booking your waste removal appointment now!