How Much Does Junk Removal Cost docx

How much does junk removal cost – this is a common question we get from property managers, landlords, restaurant managers, etc.

And the answer is fairly simple; prices may vary from place to place and the type of junk, but generally, it can start as low as $89 and go up to $599 for a full load truck.

Here is a breakdown of how much junk removal costs, depending on the load size:

Load Size

1/4 Load

1/3 Load

1/2 Load

2/3 Load

3/4 Load

Full Load

Standard Volume Pricing







Bedload Pricing







All the rates mentioned above include the cost of two highly skilled and efficient junk haulers, the truck’s fuel, loading, sorting and disposal. 411-Junk removes every last bit of junk from the site in question and then transfers it to landfills and other special stations to recycle the junk – or donate whatever seems to be re-usable.

It’s also important to note that account customers can avail deals, discounts and junk removal contracts for large or ongoing jobs – additionally, certain types of junk or debris do not cost as much in terms of disposal or labor costs.

Junk Removal Contract For Ongoing Projects 

Individuals, large apartment complexes, restaurants, etc. that require frequent junk or debris removal services can save substantially if they opt to hire us on a contractual basis. Our custom junk removal contracts allow clients to enjoy further discounts on our market competitive prices.

As part of this, we schedule regular visits and ensure that you are never knee-deep in junk and that it never ends up harming the environment.

Our Services

Regardless of whether you are a new client looking for a junk removal quote or someone who has signed a junk removal contract, our services include handling:

  • Old furniture
  • Obsolete appliances
  • Old electronics
  • Construction materials
  • Garden and yard refuse
  • Renovation debris, etc.

We also offer warehouse cleanups and all types of commercial and residential junk removal. To serve our clients even better, we rent out dumpsters in Miami.

Why 411Junk?

411Junk is a licensed local junk removal service provider in Miami, Broward, & West Palm Beach. We run highly efficient operations and most of our projects are wrapped up within a day in the most proficient and eco-friendly manner.

If your South Florida property is filled with debris or junk, our junk removal trucks and professional cleaning crew can haul away every last bit within your budget.

Contact Us or fill out our form with a detailed specification of your site and the type of service you require so we can provide you an accurate junk removal quote.