At 411 Junk, our hoarder cleaning service safely and sensitively helps many declutter their home or living space for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. 

Hoarding occurs when someone is unable, or unwilling, to discard their possessions even if those items no longer serve a purpose. They believe that at some point in time, their collected items might still come in handy.

 Hoarder Cleaning Service

It’s no secret that a cramped and cluttered place can become quite overwhelming over time – not to mention unhygienic and even unlivable. Plus people who hoard junk may end up negatively affecting their family life, relationships, and health. 

But letting go of your hoarded junk can be an extremely emotional process, which is why you require an expert such as 411 Junk.

With years of hoarding clean up experience, we can handle your junk in the most efficient manner, without losing sight of your interests and emotional attachments.

What Do Hoarder Junk Removal Companies Do?

Hoarders consider all stored items to have:

  • Sentimental value
  • Functionality
  • Beauty

So, when it comes to disposing of things that are seemingly meaningful and priceless, it can be emotionally taxing. This is why as part of our hoarder cleanup services, we try to walk in our client’s shoes and consider their likes, dislikes, interests, and attachments before sorting out the junk.

In short, hiring a professional, credible and well-experienced cleaning service is in your best interest – we do much more than just make your house orderly and clean.

Full-fledge Cleanup Services

411 Junk has vast experience in providing debris and junk removal services in Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties. We facilitate both commercial and residential clients for their junk hauling and trash removal needs.

As such, our experienced team has dealt with numerous counts of hoarder situations and we know how to handle them all sensibly, courteously and professionally.

411 junk comes prepared to handle:

  • Filth and debris formed from heaps of accumulated junk
  • Items that can be detrimental to health – bodily fluids, trash, food kept past expiration, mold
  • Items that are hidden from plain sight and stowed away

We collect, sort and dispatch unusable items to a landfill while items that can be of use to others are donated to local charities – in fact, we are committed to giving back to our community, so you will be happy to know that 60% of all collected junk typically given away to those in need.

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If you’re looking for hoarder cleanup near Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties, it is highly likely that we will be right at the top – a testament to how the local communities trust us as their primary junk hauling service.

And the best part is that our packages are quite economical; so, if you are wondering about our hoarder cleanup service cost and whether it will be within your range, the answer is yes!

For more information about our services, you should schedule a free on-site inspection and get an estimate. Get in touch by calling us on (561) 289-4142 or fill out our online form today.