If you require trash hauling or junk removal services, 411 Junk can provide you with a dumpster for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County residents. Our trash and junk collection and removal services are utilized by a number of residents and businesses in the area.

As opposed to pick-ups, our roll-off dumpsters are a highly practical solution for collecting and transporting junk. This is why we offer dumpster rental in Broward County; and with our vast fleet of trash removal vehicles, we are able to facilitate a number of people with all their dumpster rental needs in South Florida.

Plus, we have dumpsters in sizes of 20 or 25 cubic yards – this allows us to haul maximum trash and junk without making many trips to and from.

So, even if you require construction dumpster rental in Fort Lauderdale, you can easily get all the trash and debris removed from the site – we are only a call away!

How Can 411 Junk Help You

Whether you want to rid your site from old appliances, furniture, yard waste, scrap metal or debris, 411 Junk answers the call for all your trash removal needs. Our services include collecting, loading, transporting and disposing of different types of junk and trash.

Our dumpster rentals in South Florida are not designed to handle and remove toxic waste, as these require special care from experts. The types of toxic materials we do not collect include;

  • Solvents like thinners, cleaners, etc.
  • Chemicals
  • Containers that held fuel
  • Oils, and other toxic lubricants
  •  Asbestos
  • Half or completely empty cans that held paint

How 411 Junk Operates And Provides Uncompromised Services

To facilitate our customers for Broward dumpster rental, we do our very best to work as per their schedule and typically provide same-day services. In fact, we also regularly work during the weekends and even late in the evening if our customers require – after all, your satisfaction with the job is our number one priority.

In short, as our services are quite swift, safe and hygienic, so we will have your residence, office, construction site, factory, etc. looking spic and span before the day ends.

Get In Touch With 411 Junk

Whether you want an old washing machine hauled away, remove debris from your construction site or a need a dumpster, there is no project too big or too small for us.

Simply reach out to us to receive a quote by calling (561) 289-4142 or filling out the online contact form.