411-Junk is the single, most excellent provider of junk removal Ft. Lauderdale, FL has around. Servicing both commercial and residential customers, 411-Junk will get the job done with all the speed and efficiency in the world. All it takes is just three easy steps to be on your way to a clean property. It all starts by picking up the phone, dialing 411-Junk, and receiving a free estimate from us. After you get your estimate, we’ll work with your schedule to set an appointment time. More often than not, we’re ready to haul away your trash the very same day!

What We Offer

Our junk specialists are able to provide a wide variety of pickup and disposal services. No job is too big or too small for us to handle, which is why we take jobs everywhere from large construction site cleanups to simple garage overhauls. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, offering full-service junk removal for all of South Florida.

Furniture Removal

Fort Lauderdale is one of the biggest cities in South Florida, and with a large population comes lots of furniture. If you’re moving homes, undergoing renovations or remodeling, or simply want to dispose of any unwanted furniture, we’ve got your back for all things furniture removal, Fort Lauderdale residents! Whether you want an entire office’s worth of swivel chairs removed or if you need somebody to get rid of an old, moldy chaise lounge, 411-Junk is happy to take it away.  We will pick up any unwanted kitchen, bedroom, living room, and office furniture, including:

  • Couches & sofas
  • Dining tables & chairs
  • Desks & bookcases
  • Bedding and mattress disposal

Broward County residents from all over rely on 411-Junk every day to help them declutter their homes of unwanted or broken furniture. After we sort through everything you want to dispose of, we carefully go over each item to check if it’s still in working condition. If it is, then we donate it to local charitable organizations, because the only thing we love more than junk is giving back to our community.

Yard Waste

Children grow, but their childhood toys and memories don’t. Unused swing sets, trampolines, and playgrounds take up massive amounts of yard space that you could be using to grow a garden, build a pool, or create another fun project. Or perhaps you’ve just built a new shed, guest house, or garage and have debris littered across your lawn. 411-Junk is here to help. We will clean out your yard and remove and dispose of rubbish such as:

  • Branches, shrubs & small tree trimming
  • Hot tub, spa & pool removal
  • Sheds, decks & patios
  • Children’s play sets
  • Miscellaneous yard waste

Demolition Services

Just as often as new things are built around Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas, they’re also torn down and destroyed. You might have a new tenant coming in to rent your commercial unit or maybe you just want to redo your patio floor. Whatever your light demolition needs are, we’ll get the job done both safely and quickly. We’ll handle:

  • Concrete and asphalt demolition
  • Mobile home/trailer demolition
  • Kitchen/restroom remodeling
  • Deck/patio/shed demolition
  • Jacuzzi/pool removal

Get Your Free Estimate Today

When you call 411-Junk’s toll-free number at (561) 289-4142. Let us know what type of job you’re doing and we’ll respond with an appointment date and time. Don’t get overwhelmed by the mountains of trash you have piling up and leave it to the experts. Check out our FAQ or read our blog for more helpful tips on how you can get your property cleaned and organized today!

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