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How Much Does Junk Removal Cost

How much does junk removal cost – this is a common question we get from property managers, landlords, restaurant managers, etc. And the answer is fairly simple; prices may vary from place to place and the type of junk, but [...]

Where To Get Rid Of Junk With 411-Junk

Anybody who has ever cleaned out a garage, or worked on a construction site, or relocated office buildings has probably wondered where to get rid of junk generated by these circumstances. 411-Junk is South Florida’s solution to the often-asked [...]

Who Will Pick Up My Old Refrigerator When It Breaks Down?

For Floridians looking for junk removal, Palm Beach County, Broward, and Dade appliance owners are in luck. 411Junk is South Florida’s #1 solution when it comes to hauling away broken home installations like: Old refrigerators Washing machines Dryers Dishwashers Cooking [...]