If your West Palm Beach-based residence, office, or construction site needs a thorough cleanup service to eliminate all on-site trash and debris, then 411 Junk is the best option for you. Our Palm Beach County dumpster rental services come at very reasonable rates with a team of experts often regarded as the best in the business.

Always at your service, you can choose from roll-off dumpsters in two sizes, 20 and 25 cubic yards. This is quite convenient if you need to transport trash from big sites such as active construction and renovations or huge factories and warehouses.

How Can We Help You

411 Junk provides comprehensive services for dumpster rental in West Palm Beach and dumpster rental in Palm Beach Gardens. We’ll drop off a convenient roll-off dumpster where you can dispose of all kinds of debris or junk. Let us know when you’re finished and then we’ll haul it away.

We would like to bring to your attention that we will not be able to handle any items or materials that are toxic in nature and can pose a potential threat. These include:

  • Containers that held fuel at some point in time
  • Lubricants like oil
  • Chemicals, for instance, if the junk removal site is of a medical lab
  • Cleaners, thinners and other solvents
  • Paint, etc.

Our Operations In Miami, Broward, And Palm Beach County

A cluttered, messy and junk-ridden garage or site can be quite off-putting and also leads to reduced efficiency; there is no need for your renovation spot to be cramped with a week’s worth of debris and scrap metal.

As part of our online dumpster rental service, we do our best to match your schedule and 95% of the time we will provide you same-day service. If needed, we also work during late evenings and over the weekends.

Working with us also helps you meet your corporate social responsibility goals as we sort your junk. Plus, this helps us make a positive difference towards the environment and our community – landfills are filled with less garbage, and salvageable items and products such as broken tools and equipment, appliances, old gym gear, etc. are utilized by the less fortunate.

Overall, our service delivery and quality are prompt and exceptional; we guarantee to leave your office, factory, warehouse, house, renovation site, etc. spotless before the day ends.

Contact Us Today

If you need dumpster rental in West Palm Beach, Florida, then you can either call us on (561) 289-4142 or fill out our online form.

We are able to help our customers with all sorts of projects, regardless of their size!